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Complimentary Terms and Conditions

The following are complimentary to the terms and conditions as laid out in the Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and are not exhaustive. They do not take precedence over the Agreement itself and are meant only as a guide.

  1. If you decide to change the property in any way (e.g erect shelves, paint the property or lay carpet) you must consult Twelvetrees Accommodation Agency.

  3. Similarly, if you decide you want to put a picture on the wall and need to insert a nail you will need to consult Twelvetrees Accommodatin Agency. Any unauthorised changes may be rectified at the tenant's expense.

    Please note that your deposit will not be accumulating interest. And it will be placed in our Clients Call Account which is also insured by Homelet.

  4. If you decide to vacate the property one months notice is required on the 5th month of the 6th month tenancy agreement on or before the rental date. Notice must be in writing and it should be received on or before the rental due date with the final rental payment.
  5. On satisfactory completion of the tenancy/inventory inspection the deposit will be returned one month after vacation of property, or as soon as proof is provided that all outstanding bills have been paid to date of vacation of property and providing that no rectifications to the property have to be made.

    After Twelvetrees inspection has been carried out - the Landlord will also inspect the property and agrees the release of the rental deposit.

  6. If any part of the rent is in arrears for more than 21 days whether formally demanded or not or there is any breach of the tenant's obligations under the lease the landlord may re-enter the premises and thereupon the tenancy created by this lease will determine, but without prejudice to any other rights and remedies of the landlord.
  7. Rent Review.

    The landlord reserves the right to review the rental when a new agreement is to be raised.

  8. Council tax, electric, gas, telephone etc to be paid by the tenant exclusive of rents payable to the Landlord. TV License Fee and Land Telephone Fee Installation are the responsibility of the tenant.
  9. Should the accommodation become totally uninhabitable due to defect, the landlord is responsible for repair and for finding equivalent alternative accommodation for the tenant for up to but not more than one calendar month from the tenancy date. The tenant will be responsible for removal expenses.
  10. Repossession by mortgagee

    Should the property be repossessed by the mortgagee (building society or bank etc) due to the landlords mis demeanours, Twelvetrees Accommodation Agency will try to negotiate a reasonable length of time for the tenancy to continue and help find suitable alternative accommodation. (NB this is usually acceptable to mortgagees). Twelvetrees Accommodation Agency accept no responsibility to the tenant should this occur.

  11. At the discretion of Landlord the tenant may be asked to provide a surety for the rent - ie rental guarantee.
  12. It is the tenants responsibility to keep the property in a clean and reasonable state - including driveways, paths, gardens and out houses. Failure to do so will, at the discretion of Twelvetrees Accommodation Agency, result in a deduction from the deposit at the end of the tenancy.
  13. The tenants must ensure that the shrubs, weeding, cutting of grass and general garden maintenance is carried out regularly.
  14. Please ensure that when having a bath or shower condensation is released by opening windows and utilising extractor fans if installed.
  15. Any electrical appliances that the landlord leaves in the property will be the tenants responsibility to repair unless specifically agreed in advance by the landlord. Annual checks remain the responsibility of the landlord.

    Please note - NO installation of any electrical or gas appliance should be installed by the tenant. It is against Electrical/Gas Regulations that only a qualified electrician/Corgi registred engineer are able to carry out any works.

    It is not the responsibility of the tenant to tamper with the electrics of the house ie. install outside lights, fix gas cooker etc.

  16. Carpet stains can be very costly to the tenant if not dealt with correctly (it may result in replacement of the carpets). Any stain of carpets should be notified to the Twelvetrees Accommodation Agency.
  17. No candles/ tea lights/joss sticks to be utilised whilst residing in the property.
  18. It is not the tenants responsibility to remove any fixtures and fittings.
  19. Property inspections will be carried out on a regular basis.
  20. It is the responsibility of the tenant to insure smoke alarms are working and that no batteries are removed.
  21. On vacation the following must be adhered to:-
    a. Carpets left in a clean state
    b. Kitchen lino washed
    c. General cleaning of property
    d. Cooker cleaned
    e. Fridge/freezer cleaned and electricity switched off with door left open
    f. Kitchen cupboards cleaned inside
    g. Window seals should be clean and not left with black condensation.
    h. Final cutting of grass and weeding
    i. Windows to be cleaned
    j. If items are left in the property i.e beds, wardrobes etc - The Landlord will remove these items and deduct the removal from the deposit.

    If the items in section 20 are not carried out we reserve the right for our cleaner to clean the property (at a current rate per hour) and a gardener to carry out general garden maintenance(at a current rate per hour). Twelvetrees Accommodation Agency will remove any items left in the property and make a deduction from deposit.

  22. All keys (doors, garage, windows etc) must be returned at the end of the tenancy. Missing keys will be subject to a charge to replace.

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