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An Overview of Residential Property Letting

Residential property ownership is the biggest capital outlay most people ever make - and carries with it one of the biggest worries - upkeep and affordability.

For people who have made this commitment and find themselves, for numerous reasons, in a position where their property is vacant for a period of time, or who have residential property and wish to have an income from it, then letting out their property can be, if managed correctly, a very useful source of income.

For other people, who do not wish to or cannot make this commitment, renting accommodation can be, again, if managed,correctly ideal.

Our Service

We aim to make sure that residential property letting maximises benefits to both parties in a worry free relationship.

As an independent Agency we can provide the type of personal service that this warrants.

We treat every property as if it were our own home, by amongst many other things:-

  • Matching suitable properties to tenants and vice- versa.
  • Manoeuvre through complex legislation affecting property letting.
  • Deal immediately with any unforeseeable events which always occur - before, during and after occupation.
  • Make regular visits to check on the state of the property.
  • Negotiate terms of tenancy, ensuring any special requirements (e.g. pets) are agreed by all parties prior to contracts being signed.

Above all, our service is based around one principle:-

"We treat our tenants as if it were we ourselves renting a home, and our properties as if they were our own home".


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