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Flat Management

Residential Flat Management is about ensuring that the upkeep and maintenance of the property is to the same standard as individuals keep their flats.

It is also about ensuring that the mundane, but vital tasks such as building insurance and company accounts are administered in a correct and timely manner

We act on behalf of the resident's company, taking away the worries and hassle of complex and time consuming tasks.

Our Service

We aim to make sure that Residential Flat Management maximises benefits to all residents in a worry free manner.

As an Independent Agency we can provide the type of personal service that this warrants.

Each flat management company has specific requirements. Our service can be tailored to fit your requirement. Amongst other things our service can include:

  • Arrange building insurance and negotiating premiums.
  • Administering insurance claims and subsequent rectification work.
  • Organise communal gardening.
  • Administering the payment of ground rent (if applicable).
  • Arrange regular cleaning of communal areas.
  • Organise the collection of resident's contributions each month.
  • Administer the accounts and deal with Companies House.
  • Organise regular meetings with residents or their representatives.

How to Move Forward

  • We can arrange a meeting with you (and other directors) to determine your requirements.
  • Prepare a budgetory estimate for your approval
  • On acceptance of Twelvetrees to administer your Flat Management Company, hold a meeting to collect Company files and prepare Companies House registration forms.
  • Administer the day-to-day operation of the Management Company and ensure regular financial statements are issued and hold AGMs in line with members agreed requirements.

Above all our service is based around one principle.

"We treat your properties as if they were our own homes".


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